Be the future

We operate in the ecosystem of property and liability insurance claims.

We use technology to explore new paths and reinvent claims handling. For fair, transparent and accurate assessments. For simpler, faster, friendlier, and tailor-made customer journeys.

A new way to adjust claims, a new way to work, a new way to collaborate with shared objectives.

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Assessing damages with accuracy, punctuality and transparency.

Assessing a loss means taking into account the specific situations of the parties involved. This is why we carry out our work with punctuality, timeliness and precision. We guarantee technical competence, transparency and clarity of communication without ceasing to seek innovative and technological formulas to give the deserved importance to those who really matter: the policyholder.

Electrical overvoltage damages

The ability to distinguish damage from simple breakdown through a rigorous technical method.

Damages to renewable energy plants

Specialist Loss Adjusters for damages to renewable energy plants.

Mass claims

A long experience in managing large numbers of mass claims methodically and without compromising on quality.

Large and complex claims

The technical, managerial and administrative know-how to handle large and complex losses.

Technical and engineering claims

A team of engineers and technicians to deal with damages to the most advanced technologies.

Corporate solutions

The right professionalism to handle claims in the corporate environment.


Dynamic and innovative solutions for every case

We have built an integrated ecosystem of solutions complementing our loss adjusting report and offer innovative modalities of indemnity and services to policyholders. A service offer designed to serve at the same time the needs of agents, brokers and insurance companies.

For policyholders

From the assessment to the indemnity, we offer a complete loss management service.

For agents

Working alongside agents with innovative solutions to serve better their customers.

For insurance companies

A new approach to claims through innovative and active claims management solutions.

For brokers

Support through multi-channel communications with a national network of consultants and specialists.


Diversity, caring for people and caring for the environment.

Our values distinguish us: caring for people, caring for the environment, building on solid foundations something that will last. Being different means being unique and valuable.

It is with these priorities that we go to work, day by day, to make the working world more inclusive, the society fairer and the planet a better place to live.

Congratulations, well done, a great organisation. It’s not for me to say because you’re the appointed company’s loss adjuster, every now and then they ask us for feedback, nothing to say, you’re really good.


Great professionalism!

insurance agent

Thank you, Davide, I congratulate you on your precision and dedication to your work and I sit on the bench waiting for your nod.

The client is in very good hands indeed.


CONGRATULATIONS you have worked well with excellent results: I am satisfied with you.
I will come by shortly to congratulate you in person and to plan the new year.

insurance company manager

I take this opportunity to compliment the A&A team because they were competent, fast and above all serious.
Even if a 26.000 € damage was settled with half… obviously they respected the contractual rules, I can say on behalf of my company that we felt followed and treated in the right way.
So, thanks to this successful field test, we will be expanding the insurance service to other locations.


Why work with us?

We are constantly looking for new talents for our teams, people who can enrich our professional culture with content and knowledge, proactive and bringing new inspiration.

Do you need help?

Do you need information about a claim? Do you want to speak to one of our experts? Do you have information or documents that are useful for your claim? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here to help you.