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Diversity, caring for people and for the environment

We stand out for our values: caring for the people, caring for the environment and building on solid foundation. Individuals with different backgrounds it’s what makes us unique and valuable.

These priorities are shaping our daily lives, for a more welcoming, inclusive and liveable working environment, society and planet.

Staff and partners

We put people first.

We pay great attention and care to the individuals and to the families of our employees through welfare and homeoffice policies. For the same reason, we have designed workplaces and working environments that encourage discussion, relaxation and socialization.

We favor the development of talented individuals through a team-based organization, capable of fostering career paths. We strongly adhere to gender equality principles and support professional and familiar ambitions of the women working at A&A.


Planting 2.600 trees each year to compensate the carbon footprint generated by our surveys.
We believe in a healthier, greener and more sustainable planet for us and our children.

We aim to replace traditional physical on-site surveys with remote inspections. This will spare about 168 tons of carbon emission to our planet each year.

A network of professionals in every district of the big cities and in every small town to avoid travelling between claims.
We spare time and resources while protecting the environment.


Our group has implemented the Organization and Management Model in accordance to the Legislative Decree no. 231 of 8 June 2001 in order to share operational rules with all partners and to prevent offences.

Why work with us?

We are constantly looking for new talents for our teams, people who can enrich our professional culture with content and knowledge, who can take the lead and bring new inspiration.