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Solutions for policyholders

More than just damage assessment. Together with the agent, A&A is how the insurer stands by the customer in the delicate moment of a claim.

Policyholders today can count on a variety of compensation solutions and innovative services.

We stand out for

  • Technical know-how

  • A nationwide network of experts
  • The capacity to deliver recovery and replacement of goods
  • Consultancy on post-claim related activities
  • Rapidity of intervention

Direct repair of your damage

Hire the selected professionals from our network of technicians to repair your damage. You’ll save time, you won’t have to shell out money, and you’ll get a 2-year warranty on the work performed.

Request the repair, we’ll take care of the rest

Replacement of your damaged goods

In case of irreversible and non-repairable damage, A&A replaces the affected good with a technically equivalent one. We’ll handle the whole process: the purchasing, transport, installation of the new and disposal of the damaged goods.

Loss management consulting

People usually wonder what is the best solution when it comes to the damaged asse? Will repairing it compromise the asset’s expected lifespan? Will it cost more to replace or repair my asset? Is the technician’s estimate correct? Are spare parts available and where to find them? A&A helps you to answer all these questions; a service, always, even if your damage is not under warranty.

We supervise and control the suppliers

You don’t have time to take care of your damage repair? A&A assists you during the entire repair process through an internal repair management team composed of experienced specialists. We take care of coordinating the different contractors involved, managing schedules, appointments and interventions.

Digital tools for the loss assessment

Virtual inspections via your smartphone, allow us to be at your home, whenever convenient for you, at any time. We use digital platforms directly involving the policyholder for the verification and documention of the damage, sparing time and protecting the environment.

Multichannel communication

We communicate with policyholders with clarity and transparency, using their preferred channels of communication: phone, videocalls, SMS, messenger or e-mails. We want to make claims handling simple, convenient and family friendly.

FAQ: Solutions for stakeholders

How does a direct damage repair work?

“Direct repair” is a service that A&A provides on behalf of insurance companies that offer this option to their customers. It consists having the damage repaired instead of receiving a monetary compensation. By choosing direct repair as a form of indemnity, the damage will be repaired by an contractor of A&A’s network, in an optimal manner and timeframe, with the following advantages:

  1.     The zeroing of the policy deductibles
  2.     A turnkey repair without advance payment
  3.     No difference between the cost of the repair and the amount indemnified
  4.     2-year warranty on the repair work carried out
Who carries out the direct repair?
The direct repair is carried out by contractors that are part of the national network of repairers of A&A, which intervene according to the type of damaged property and geographical location. All our repair technicians have proven experience and have been carefully selected by A&A to offer the best service to the insured. The repair comes with a 2 year guarantee on the work carried out. You will then be able to review the repairers, providing us with valuable feedback.
What guarantees do I have on direct repair?
You will get a 2 year guarantee on each direct repair intervention, as accorded by the law.
Who will come on-site to verify the damage?
The verification of the damage on site is carried out by the technical specialists of the A&A network, professionals with extensive experience, with the know-how and tools necessary to document the damage in order to make a correct assessment. The technician in charge of the inspection has no competence on the indemnifiability or non indemnifiability of the damage.
How does the inspection technician assess whether it is an electrical phenomenon damage?
A&A’s verification technicians follows a strict predefined procedure to determine if it is an “electrical phenomenon”, through functional tests and instrumental measurements. The use of sophisticated and precise testers allows to identify the symptoms and traces of the occurrence of voltage surges, short circuits or arcs as causes of damage to a component, device or plant..
If I need it, can I rely on your specialized technicians for the repair?
Certainly, our technicians can intervene from the moment the claim is opened. The repair, where technically possible and economically convenient, can be carried out at the expense of the company for the damages that fall within the coverage of the policy.
How can I get in touch and send my documents?
Reach us here, via email, live chat or phone: we’ll be in touch soon.
Check our Contacts page for all necessary information.
If you need to arrange an appointment, speak to the loss adjuster in charge of your claim or just provide information or documentation, please always specify the reference number of your case.
What are the deductible and the percentage excess?
They are the part of the damage which, by contract, remains at the charge of the policyholder:
The deductible is expressed in absolute value, while the percentage excess is expressed as a percentage of the ascertained value of the damage. The application of a deductible and/or a percentage excess as a reduction of the indemnity does not depend on the discretion of the expert, but is regulated by the undersigned policy.
What if the damaged good cannot not be repaired? (Total loss)
In case the repair of a the damaged good is not economically convenient or technically not possible because of the unavailability of spare parts, it is possible to proceed with the direct substitution with a technically equivalent good to the damaged one (at the expense of the companies that foresee it) or with the payment of the indemnity after deduction of the non-damaged parts.
What do I need for a video survey?
In order to use the service of video survey you need a smartphone with a camera and a charged battery, and a stable internet connection. To connect, simply click on the link that will be sent to you and then follow the simple instructions of the expert to acquire the photographic documentation. The app used guarantees the correct geolocation and every privacy requirement; no operation can be performed without the authorization of the insured. Further participants can also simultaneously join the video survey, for example an agent, a broker or the administrator of the condominium.

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