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From loss adjusting to services, an integrated ecosystem

A&A was born smart, approaching claims with a unique technical competence; Insurance agents and claim departments inspired us to rethink loss adjusting as a service to the policyholder.
On this basis, we have created a world of services around the pure loss adjusting.


Assessing the damage with accuracy, punctuality, and transparency

Assessing a loss means taking into account the specific situations of the parties involved. This is why we carry out our work with punctuality, timeliness and precision. We guarantee technical competence, transparency and clarity of communication without ceasing to seek innovative and technological formulas to give the deserved importance to those who really matter: the policyholder.

Electrical overvoltage damages

The ability to distinguish damage from simple breakdown through a rigorous technical method.

Damages to renewable energy plants

Specialist Loss Adjusters for damages to renewable energy plants.

Mass claims

A long experience in managing large numbers of mass claims methodically and without compromising on quality.

Large and complex claims

The technical, managerial and administrative know-how to handle large and complex losses.

Technical and engineering claims

A team of engineers and technicians to deal with damages to the most advanced technologies.

Corporate solutions

The right professionalism to handle claims in the corporate environment.


Dynamic and innovative solutions for every case

We have created an integrated ecosystem of complementary solutions to the loss adjusting report in order to offer innovative methods of compensation and services for the policyholders. A set of proposals designed, at the same time, for the requirements of agencies, brokers and insurance companies.

For policyholders

From assessment to indemnity, we offer a complete loss management service.

For agents

Providing agents with innovative solutions for their policyholders parties.

For insurance companies

A new way to manage claims through dynamic and innovative solutions.

For brokers

A network of experts and advisors operating nationwide, available through a multichannel communication platform.

Other services

Discover the services offered by the other companies of our group operating in the world of Property, Liability and Third Party Administration.

Third Party Administration: seamless claims management, outsourcing solutions and consultancy for firms and insurance companies.

“Loss Adjusting as a service” for Property and Liability claims, Experta has ten years of experience in reinventing loss adjusting and managed repair.